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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Liam Gallagher slams 'Peanut' from the Kaiser Chiefs in Twitter spat


After Liam Gallagher decided against performing at a Romanian Rock festival, citing safety concerns, Peanut from Leeds band The Kaiser Chiefs took to Twitter to aim a dig at the former Oasis man. We’ve been waiting for a response and now we have one.

LG confirmed on September 1st that he would not be appearing at the Fall In Love Festival in Romania following safety concerns. This felt a bit weak to the Kaiser Chiefs man who performed 30 minutes before the Oasis singer was due on stage and duly called out Gallagher in a tweet.

Peanut said: “If we found out a stage wasn’t safe, we’d tell the other bands on there too, right? ‘Safety comes first as always’ – for everyone. We must’ve broken it by putting on a rock n roll show 30mins before you #fallinlovefest.”

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Since that moment we’ve been waiting for the response from Liam, who has recently been a dab hand at yelling insults across Social Media, just ask his brother. Well, now, we have one.

Reminder: do not cross Liam Gallagher.

Liam Gallagher’s new album Why Me? Why Not? is out on Friday 20th September

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