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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Liam Gallagher: 'If I was Prime Minister legalise drugs and improve the quality'

Liam Gallagher has put forward his potential political manifesto in the scenario he would ever become the Prime Minister.

Gallagher, who previously dipped his toe into British politics by challenging London Mayor Sadiq Kahn over the recent rise of knife crime in the capital, was drawn into conversation about changes he would make to UK law.

“I’d legalise drugs because they are shocking these days,” he bluntly answered in a new interview with Mr Porter. “Improve the quality and make some money out of it. Get the Peruvian back. ‘Cos at the moment, I’m not enjoying the quality of the drugs.”

He added: “I remember the 1990s and it was full of cunts back then. Now it’s full of cunts who want your picture with a phone camera. But now the drugs have got worse, so it’s full of cunts with cameras and shit drugs.”

(Credit: Stefan Brending)

Gallagher, who lives in north London with his family, previously expressed concerns for his four children who range from ages between six and 22 amid the rising reported incidents of knife crime in the city. “Every time you wake up in the morning, there’s some 16-year-old kid been knifed to death,” he previously said. “I’ve got kids that age, out and about and that, doing their thing, living, being young. That freaks me right out – it does worry me. I’ve got teenagers.”

Now, echoing his concerns, Gallagher added: “I have teenage kids who are out and about. And then you hear that dude [Sadiq Khan] saying ‘Oh, London’s open for trade.’ Who gives a fuck about selling a couple of bananas or fish or some wood? That can wait. Get the youth sorted out!”

Despite previously joking about putting himself forward for Prime Minister, Gallagher condemned politicians who take drugs. The discussion comes after former Conservative candidate Rory Stewart admitted to taking opium while Michael Gove has admitted to taking cocaine. 

“I don’t hang out with politicians and I don’t hang out with celebrities that hang out with politicians or these fake rock’n’roll stars that hang out with politicians,” Gallagher said.

“I just hang out with me and my missus and my kids, and my mates. But if I did see a politician taking drugs, man, he’d get a crack round the head.

He added: “They shouldn’t be … they’re meant to be running the country, aren’t they?”