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Liam Gallagher says cancel culture is for “f**king squares”


Take or leave the music – the best part of Oasis was that Noel and Liam Gallagher were willing to say anything and everything that came to their minds while they were two of the most famous people in Britain. With sharp tounges and no filters, the Gallagher brothers publically wished AIDS on their fellow rock stars and created hit singles out of their own squabbles between calling Freddie Mercury a “goofy cunt” and preferring suicide over listening to Coldplay.

These are the kinds of comments that would likely cause the author of such statements some grief in the world of social media nowadays. The Gallaghers seem to have a grandfather clause on their own outrageous opinions — they’ve been saying them for 30 plus years, so why take umbrage with them now? But just in case anyone was thinking about “cancelling” him, Liam Gallagher has a response: go ahead and try.

“Who the fuck are these people cancelling you, anyway?” Gallagher said in a recent appearance on The Two Johnnies Podcast. “Like, fuck off… Unless they come around to your house and say you’re cancelled, you’re still going to do your fucking thing. They don’t speak for everyone, do they?”

“The cancelling people just speak for the people from the cancel world,” Gallagher continued. “They don’t fucking speak for everyone… You can still go on and do your gig, there’s people out there who are going to like what you’ve got to say. So, bring it fucking on, you fucking squares!”

While the Gallaghers have found themselves in some hot water for plenty of their more monobrow-raising statements, it’s mostly benign these days. Every time Liam Gallagher decides to take a shot at U2 or the judge proceeding over his son’s criminal trial, the general public tends to just laugh and pass it off as par for the course.

If someone had truly wanted to take either of the Gallaghers down they would have plenty of ammunition, but then again, the Gallaghers taking the piss out of everyone is a British cultural institution, and who would want to end something so entertaining?