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(Credit: Stefan Brending)


Liam Gallagher responds to judge over son Gene’s trial: “From one entitled prick to another”

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has now taken to Twitter to respond to the judge who helmed the recent trial of his son Gene.

Gene Gallagher appeared in court on Wednesday, March 30th, alongside Ringo Starr’s grandson Sonny Starkey and model Noah Ponte. The trio were accused of assaulting staff at a Tesco supermarket during an altercation in 2019.

According to the Evening Standard, the prosecutors dropped the case and charges on the first day of the trial. The trio will not be formally punished, and they have been dismissed with only a reprimand from the judge. 

The judge, Joanna Greenberg, described them as “entitled” and said their behaviour was “completely out of order, no doubt as a result of having been drinking”.

The decision to drop the case came following the submission of newly discovered CCTV footage, handed to the court by Starkey’s defence lawyer, which reportedly shows one of the Tesco staff pushing the 21-year-old over. An eyewitness account also alleged that the staff member was seen “hitting and grabbing Mr Starkey and appearing to target him”.

In reaction to the newfound evidence, prosecutor Alexander Agbamu told the court that Gallagher and Starkey “now have a strong case to the effect that Mr Starkey was lawfully defending himself and Mr Gallagher was lawfully defending Mr Starkey”.

The prosecutors reportedly conceded that the Tesco staff involved in the incident had indeed “over-reacted”. Greenberg proceeded to tell Gallagher, Starkey and Ponte that the conduct of those employees “doesn’t diminish to a great extent the bad behaviour” they had exhibited.

The judge continued: “It is a hard enough for people running late-night stores without entitled young men thinking they could get what they want by misbehaving, and this is what the two of you did.”

Yesterday, April 2nd, Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the comments made about his son. “Judge Judy can kiss my arse hole,” he wrote. “From one entitled prick to another, as you were LG x.”

He continued: “Funny thing is 99 per cent of judges are massive CUNTZ LG.”

“Asking folk to sit down, stand up, rise, fuck off with your noncey wig.”

He conclusively submitted: “If ya can’t steal from Tescos, where can you steal from eh? This country is over.”