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Listen to Liam Gallagher’s throwback single ‘C’mon You Know’

Liam Gallagher - 'C'mon You Know'

Amid the impending release of his third solo album, Liam Gallagher has shared a new single, ‘C’mon You Know’, which serves as the stonking LP’s title track. The track comes after the preview single ‘Everything’s Electric’, which saw the ex-Oasis frontman deliver a boisterous slice of melody-driven rock clearly designed to pack stadiums with nostalgic teenagers. ‘C’mon You Know’ serves much the same purpose. And yet, despite the fact that the single sounds as though it was written by a 20-something marketing graduate, the new offering is strangely irresistible.

‘C’mon You Know’ opens to a motoric pulse wrapped in a thick gauze of chugging electric guitar and fizzing analogue synthesiser. As the beat goes on, Gallagher offers up a selection of hackneyed declarations of self-possession, the worst of which sound as though they’ve been pulled from one of those unbearable motivation posters you find in scuzzy AirBnB’s. He calls for his fans, most of whom are red-faced and school-aged, to “start living, be thankful” and “show love”.

Thankfully, the track is saved by the sheer majesty of its production. Combining gospel vocals a la Primal Scream, twinkling ambient passages, and a finale so stomp-worthy it could blow the feet off a shire horse, ‘C’mon You Know’ is constantly surprising in this regard.

The single comes after Gallagher and his band were spotted filming the accompanying music video on the rooftop of a Manchester hotel last week. While that remains to be seen if the track will indeed be the “the sound of the summer”, it will certainly soundtrack summer barbecues studded with sweaty men slathering on factor 50 — I’m just worried that nobody will be able to hear Liam over the sound of dozens of gently frying necks.

Jokes aside, ‘C’mon You Know’ is a very adept piece of stadium rock. It harks back to the glory days of Britpop while rushing headlong into the future. The issue is that Gallagher’s version of the future sounds a lot like the past – only with more tech. Liam Gallagher will showcase ‘C’mon You Know’ at his immense headline shows this summer, one of which will see the legendary frontman return to Knebworth for a two-night stint.

Elsewhere, Gallagher will release a new live album, Down By The River Thames on May 27th. As the name suggests, the show was recorded on a barge for a live-stream event in December 2020. You can check out LG’s upcoming tour dates and buy any remaining tickets here.