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(Credit: James Brown)


Leeds band Yard Act discuss post-punk tag

Leeds outfit Yard Act have discussed the post-punk tag that often gets attached to their music. In a fresh interview with the NME, the band discussed not shying away from chart success, amongst other things, including the influence of Arctic Monkeys. 

However, the most informative point of the interview came when frontman James Smith dug deep into the topic of post-punk, a one size fits all label, which includes the likes of IDLES, Shame and Dry Cleaning. It seems that bands are now trying to move away from the tag that was at its peak in 2020.

Smith was asked whether the label has helped Yard Act, to which Smith replied: “I think it helps people get into it.” He explained: “We’ll outgrow it like every other band worth their salt will. It really helps here on the mainland. It helps people understand there’s a British guitar movement coming through to get excited about.”

Smith also discussed the idea that audiences have moved on from “being shouted at from a political pedestal”, as many artists during the original days of punk did, but Smith opined that it was for “audiences to decide”.

“The last thing I would want from music is to have what I already believe repeated back to me because it’s just back-patting,” Smith continued. “It’s self-congratulatory, and it achieves nothing, except perhaps comfort.”

He appended: “It’s a tough world and if you find solace in a band telling you what you believe in then, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Elsewhere, Smith discussed the influence of Alex Turner‘s songwriting on his musical development. He recalled that the social observation that Turner popularised in the band’s early days helped him to develop confidence in his writing and discuss the finer details of specific objects, something that is now a key point of Yard Act’s sound.

Listen to Yard Act’ The Overload’ below.