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(Credit: Stewart Baxter)


Larry Pink The Human share new single 'BISOUSxxx'

Larry Pink The Human - 'BISOUSxxx'

British super-duo Larry Pink The Human have shared the latest taste of their upcoming debut release M1xtape with the brand new single ‘BISOUSxxx’.

Taking a break from the animalistic synth-pop of their other material, ‘BISOUSxxx’ is instead centred around a folky acoustic guitar arrangement and a heartfelt vocal performance

“‘BISOUSxxx’ is growth,” the duo explain in a press release. “Change is a constant, it’s unavoidable, this song is rebirth, death of an old self, it’s grief, it’s joy, it’s pain, it’s acceptance, it’s one foot in a new direction, it’s moving forward while trying to be present, it’s sitting in discomfort, it’s awakening, it’s love, it’s beyond words.”

Looking back at the press release for their previous single ‘No Wrong No Right’, the duo hilariously and incredibly optimistically predicted that the coronavirus lockdown would be “almost over” by the Summer of 2021. Well, here we are, and at least where I’m sitting right now, coronavirus is still around, masks are still mandated, and a whole host of idiots still don’t have their vaccinations. But hey, at least were not in lockdown again (yet).

I shouldn’t clown on the duo for being hopeful, and as a means of penitence, I will proclaim my complete enjoyment of ‘BISOUSxxx’. I wasn’t really on board with ‘No Wrong No Right’, or ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’, or really much of the duo’s material up to this point, but the unhurried and surprisingly earnest composition of ‘BISOUSxxx’ shows a side of the band that I didn’t know existed. I certainly hadn’t heard it on Laurie Vincent’s work in Slaves, nor had I heard it on Jolyon Thomas’ typical production style.

But variety is the spice of life, and the duo’s versatility has made ‘BISOUSxxx’ my favourite track by the duo so far in their nascent partnership. Here’s hoping they continue to show how many different colours they have on their palate.

Check out the audio for ‘BISOUSxxx’ down below. M1xtape is set to drop on September 17.