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(Credit: George Cory)


Larry Pink The Human share electrifying new single 'ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’

Larry Pink The Human - 'ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG'

Larry Pink The Human have started 2021 as they mean to go on with their pounding first single of the year, ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’.

The new group is the outfit Laurie Vincent from Slaves and producer Jolyon Thomas have taken for their heart-wrenching project, one which sees Vincent show off a different side to himself to the angsty version we see in his other band. ‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ is more upbeat than anything that the duo have released so far and feels like a cloud has been lifted, with Larry Pink The Human celebrating life in its most primal form.

“If the last year has shown us anything it’s that we can live without many things, but to be away from our closest companions is the biggest challenge of all,” the band commented of the single.

“We wanted to write about the ones that are with us and the ones that are not, and show how much we appreciate them. When it’s all said and done, everybody needs someone,” they added.

The project was in the works for over a year before the first single last summer. Focusing on Larry Pink The Human has offered Vincent a crutch after and a vehicle to channel his emotions and explore his battle with grief after tragically losing his partner after a long illness last year.

‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ continues to explore this emotion of love and loss, but in a celebratory fashion rather than in a downtrodden way. The feeling is achieved thanks to the juxtaposition between the agonising words that fall out of Vincent’s mouth during the barnstorming track, and the piercingly upbeat music that soundtrack his impassioned musings.

Vincent intimately sings in an almost spoken-word fashion, “It’s over in the blink of an eye, from where you were standing it didn’t fly by, it dragged, it wrenched, it ripped, and it tore, the floor from beneath you, it pulled down your walls.”

‘ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG’ is another essential track from Larry Pink The Human that continues to be fiercely profound and sees the Vincent & Thomas’ partnership flourish further with each single.

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