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(Credit: George Cory)


Larry Pink The Human share new song 'No Wrong No Right'

Larry Pink The Human - 'No Wrong No Right'

British super-duo Larry Pink The Human have shared their latest single ‘No Wrong No Right’.

Inhabiting some weird intersection between electronic and indie, maybe even that dreaded drudged up 1980s reference “synth-pop”, the two individuals who make up Larry Pink The Human are highly qualified in the art of making fantastic music.

On one end there’s Laurie Vincent, who’s already made a name for himself as the instrumental mastermind behind another famous British duo Slaves. At the other, there’s Jolyon Thomas, whose productions credits involve anonymous entities like U2, Kendrick Lamar, M83, and Snoop Dogg.

Explaining the ideal scenario for the song, the duo paint a vivid picture. “It’s the summer of 2021. You’re 16 again, lockdown is almost a distant memory, the taste of freedom is in the air. So close you can almost touch it. Wireless AirPods in, you are on a journey. A walk to town, a trip to your nearest city on a train, plans to meet all your friends. £20 in your pocket (probably on a Monzo, actually). ‘NO WRONG NO RIGHT’ is this very moment. Uncertainty, excitement, beautiful pure naivety, the human experience.”

You’ve got to love that optimism. ‘No Wrong No Right’ lives and dies by that flighty, unserious bit of airy fun. Whether they’re talking about sucking on sour sweets or knocking on broken doors, the duo always take the stance of an easygoing and playful group of jokesters more concerned with the good time they’re about to have than with any serious problems that may come with it.

Check out the audio for ‘No Wrong No Right’ down below. The press release I received also came with two tour dates, so if you’re interested in seeing these guys live, here are your two chances.

Larry Pink The Human tour dates

  • 14th October – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate
  • 22nd October – The Lexington, London