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(Credit: Polydor)


Lana Del Rey shares new song ‘Watercolor Eyes'


Lana Del Rey has unveiled her new track ‘Watercolor Eyes’, which will feature on the next instalment of the hit HBO show Euphoria and appear on the soundtrack for the second season. The tender ballad – reminiscent of Kid A era Radiohead – sees Del Rey’s soft vocals floating above waves of reverb-drenched as she sings: “I think that you taste like rock candy / Sweet like beaches leave me all sandy”.

Rock Sweet Candy is also the title of the mysterious album Lana Del Rey announced in March 2021, but which never materialised. Instead, the singer released her eighth studio album Blue Banisters, which arrived in October. The next episode of Euphoria – the third in season two – is set to premiere on January 23rd. Last week, we were given a taste of ‘Watercolor Eyes’ in the trailer for the episode.

Elsewhere, Miles Kane recently told Far Out that he and Lana Del Rey have created an album’s worth of unreleased material. In an exclusive interview, Kane revealed he has recorded enough songs to make an “album” with the singer. Del Rey co-wrote his 2018 track ‘Loaded’ and to return the favour, Kane helped write ‘Dealer’, for which he also provided backing vocals.

Most of the songs, Kane revealed, came from the same recording session, many of which he hopes will be released in the future. “We did so many songs,” he recalled. “I think I was sorting flirting about putting it on an album,” Kane said of ‘Dealer’. “And then I got a call a few months back where she said she wanted to stick that out.”

Kane went on to add: “That was the one song from the demo’s we did that had something really special, and it’s so real. The way she comes in and soars on her vocal is something that I think nobody has ever heard before. I like that she’s just kept it as the original demo we did when we wrote it.”

You can listen to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Watercolor Eyes’ from the upcoming episode of Euphoria below.