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Kim Gordon slams Smashing Pumpkins, Courtney Love & Thurston Moore

Former Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon is set to release her memoirs in March, but even a few weeks before its full unveiling, there are already revelations being leaked via numerous sources.

Recent editions of Vogue and The Guardian have both printed excerpts – and the signs are that there might be a great many people from the world of rock ‘n’ roll who will have their ears pricked next month.

First up is everyone’s favourite withered money-whore Courtney Love, who was portrayed to be something of a contemporary of Gordon’s at the height of grunge.

The Guardian printed a de-contextualised quote where Gordon says: “No one ever questions the disorder behind her tarantula LA glamour – sociopathy, narcissism – because it’s good rock and roll, good entertainment! I have a low tolerance for manipulative, egomaniacal behavior, and usually have to remind myself that the person might be mentally ill.”

She then goes on to recount Love asking her for advice about her “’secret affair” Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumkins.

The whiny, baby-headed ego machine (that’s just our assessment) was totally dismissed by Gordan, who adds: “I thought, ewwww, at even the mention of Billy Corgan, whom nobody liked because he was such a crybaby, and Smashing Pumpkins took themselves way too seriously and were in no way punk rock.”

But perhaps the less trashy and more gut-wrenching for Sonic Youth fans is Gordon’s stance on her ex-husband and bandmate of three decades, Thurston Moore. He is alleged to have also been the perpetrator of an affair which is widely believed to have been the cause of both splits.

The memoir, entitled Girl In A Band also reads: “No one could understand how Thurston, who always had a good nose for the user, the groupie, the nutcase or the hanger-on, had let himself get pulled under by her. I did feel some compassion for Thurston … but that’s a lot different to forgiveness.”

Patrick Davies