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John Lydon calls old Sex Pistols bandmates "greedy" and "nasty"

Concerning the recent dispute that has erupted in the press and courts between former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, and former guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook, Lydon has again taken to throwing some scathing insults at his old bandmates. This time he has labelled Jones and Cook “greedy” and “nasty”.

This comes after Jones and Cook were locked in a highly publicised High Court battle with Lydon over the use of the band’s songs in the upcoming biopic series, Pistol. The series is being helmed by Danny Boyle and will be released via Disney. 

Lydon claimed in his suit that Jones and Cook could not use the tracks without his consent. However, the pair argued that the band had reached an agreement in 1998 which dictates that a majority verdict settles any decisions regarding the use of their music. 

Last week, the court ruled that the pair were in their rights to cite the majority voting rule against the band’s former frontman in relation to the series’ use of their music. In the wake of the lost court battles, Lydon claimed his loss was “destructive” and “disingenuous”.

Earlier this week, on September 7, Lydon appeared on ITV’s flagship programme, Good Morning Britain and branded Jones and Cook “filthy liars”. However, he hasn’t stopped there. Now, on the opening night of his ‘I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right’ spoken-word tour, Lydon fumed: “They’ve turned themselves into really greedy, selfish, nasty f****. But c’est la vie.”

He explained; “My problem with all that is that they never bothered to mention all this. It was three years in the planning and they kept it all secret.” He opined of his financial situation: “I have just been fleeced of £2 million. I could not give a f***. It is only money.”

Elsewhere, Lydon branded the Disney mini-series as “the most disrespectful s*** I’ve ever had to endure”. He declared: “I don’t understand how Steve and Paul think they have the right to insist that I do something that I so morally heart and soul disagree with without any involvement.”

Edmund Cullen QC, the legal representative of Cook and Jones told the court that Glen Matlock, the band’s original bassist, and writer of many of their tracks, supports the pair’s position. With it three against one, it seemed Lydon’s position is now completely untenable.

However, the final nail in the coffin came with the estate of late bassist Sid Vicious also pledging its support to the pair. Given that this is such a resounding majority, hopefully, this bitter feud will soon dissipate, although it seems very unlikely. C’est la vie…

Watch John Lydon on Good Morning Britain, below.