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Gruff Rhys releases new single 'People Are Pissed'

Gruff Rhys - ‘People Are Pissed’

Super Furry Animals songwriter Gruff Rhys has just released his first music of 2022 with ‘People Are Pissed’. The new single follows on from his 2021 album Seeking New Gods, which reached the UK top ten. The single was released on Wednesday, March 9th, and it was issued on the flipside of ‘Arogldarth’, as the two tracks hold a running time of 7:48 and 8:15 respectively.

“The lyrics were basically inspired by the widespread anger,” Rhys revealed, “I – and many other people – felt towards the incompetence and arrogance of the Johnson regime during the lockdowns – not that I feel any different now.” Rhys will also go on a short tour in Spain and France in March. The singer will also this month return to Cardiff for a performance at BBC Radio 6 Music Festival 2022 in April.

Gruff Rhys says the song pivots in a different direction shortly afterwards, but this is more of a reflection of his writing process than it is a part of his writing trajectory. The singer feels that the incumbent Prime Minister has failed to live up to the responsibilities of his duties. Rhys isn’t the first artist to criticise the Prime Minister.

Queen songwriter Brian May made a public call against “the arrogance, the ignorance, the dishonesty” of Boris Johnson’s low-quality form of governance and leadership. Other artists have called out the current government in recent months, feeling that they lacked the empathy to lead. Sir Paul McCartney claimed that he would fear a “President Johnson”, and says he’s happy with a monarch.

In other Rhys related news, the singer-songwriter has said he is concerned about the Global Climate Crisis. One of his new songs, ‘Can’t Carry On’, is purportedly written about these feelings, and the singer has said that he recognises the contradictions of fronting a touring band in the light of these sentiments. The singer claimed that the events of the past year and pandemic has led him to take stock of this change. More happily, Rhys says that the lack of travel has shown the world that it can survive quite happily without the need to go from place to place.