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(Credit: Brendan Schnell)


Grandmother challenges Travis Barker to a duel

Dorothea Taylor, drummer and grandmother, has challenged Blink-182 percussionist Travis Barker to a battle. In her latest video, Taylor demonstrates the functions behind 1999 single ‘What’s My Age Again?’.

“You probably never would have expected someone like me to play along to Blink,” Taylor beams. “I’ve learned my rudiments over the years and was able to incorporate and understand what Travis was playing.”

And then she asks the question: “So, Travis Barker, are you watching? How about a drum battle?!”.

A drummer for more than 50 years, Taylor is also an organist and plays at her local church. She gives drum tutorials and highlights the importance of diversity. “Drummers come in all ages, sizes, shapes, ethnicities. And regardless of how good you are, how old you are, we’re all still part of the drumming family,” Taylor declares. “So remember, don’t judge a drummer — or anybody — by their looks. And always, always, always keep sharing your drumming passion to the world.”

Taylor first gained notices for her cover of ‘Down With The Sickness’ by nu-metal band Disturbed. The video has garnered over 13 million views on YouTube. “I had this dream,” Taylor revealed. “I always wanted to become this famous drummer. That’s when I was a teenager, so it was kind of in the back of my mind.”

Keenly aware of her age and stature in life, Taylor was as surprised as anyone: “All of a sudden, I started getting all kinds of followers. And I’m on Tik Tok now too,” she continued. “I just keep putting stuff up and it keeps going and going.”

Travis Barker has also started covering other people’s works. In a video posted to his Instagram page, Barker filmed himself playing along to Adele’s ‘Easy On Me.’

Barker’s bandmate, Mark Hoppus, recently recovered from cancer. “I’m totally overwhelmed with the support and love,” Hoppus said. “I don’t know. People online I have never met sending support. Cancer survivors of the same lymphoma that I had even put together a video where they covered a blink song, and it made me cry.”