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Credit: Pat Loika / AVRO

Gerard Way tells of David Bowie inspiration on My Chemical Romance's 'The Black Parade'


Ahead of the band’s upcoming reunion shows, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way has shared some of the inspiring figures which affected the band’s record The Black Parade namely, the iconic David Bowie.

Appearing on the Carry the Fire podcast, Way opened up in the interview about the decision to write The Black Parade from the perspective of a character. It’s a technique which the rock and roll chameleon, David Bowie often adopted.

Way said, “I think there’s a bit of safety that comes with being a character. Obviously, I was looking up to my heroes when I was constructing that. I was looking at David Bowie, especially around ‘The Black Parade’,” he revealed.

“Early ‘Black Parade’ stuff was basically: ‘What if death had a rock band?’ and it obviously changed from that and we all became death in a way, the whole band.”

Way went on to say, “The character I was during ‘Black Parade’ was fun. In an entertaining way, there was this level of disdain you would have for your audience playing as ‘The Black Parade’ but it was, to me, a healthy kind because you were just playing really.” It’s an interesting take on rock and roll which was previously left in the past.

The ‘Helena’ singer continued, “I thought that was a fun aspect of that character. There’s a lot of you in the character. I always saw the characters that I played as some aspect of myself turned up to 12.”

All this insight arrives with the band performing a set of reunion shows. While currently, they are only playing America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. But we’re hoping that if we make enough noise they will eventually find their way to a world tour.