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Credit: Michael Spencer

My Chemical Romance announce more reunion shows

Following the emo news we’d all been waiting for, My Chemical Romance’s reunion show, the band have confirmed three more shows for 2020. Even Jimmy Eat World is on the bill too!

With fans waiting since 2012 to catch a glimpse of the emo icons, many were left disappointed by their announced reunion show. Their disappointment lay in the fact that there was only one. Well, it appears the band were listening as they’ve added three more shows.

With the first comeback show taking place at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall venue on December 20th, MCR have now announced that they will play more shows in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Gerard Way and Co. announced the shows will take place early next year as they visit some of the world’s best festivals.

The band will play at The Outer Fields at Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand on March 25th. The support acts will be Jimmy Eat World, Midnight Youth, and Miss June.

They also visit Australia, in Sydney and Melbourne on March 20th/21st as they headline Download Festival. They then visit Download Japan on Sunday 29th March with another host of insane acts.

When My Chemical Romance announced that they would make fans’ dreams come true and were set to have a reunion show in Los Angeles, they couldn’t have imagined the outpouring of emotion.

The group haven’t performed together since 2012 but that hasn’t stopped them cementing and gaining further fans. The Parade is still full and ready to go whenever MCR see fit, it would seem.

The band have now taken to social media to share their gratitude at the welcomed fan reaction to the announcement. They used their Instagram account to share a few notes of gratitude to their fans.

“It is truly unbelievable to us the happiness we have experienced over the past two days,” the post said. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the warm welcome back. We truly did not expect this. See you soon. Xoxo, MCR.”