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(Credit: Justin Higuchi)


Gavin Rossdale is planning a new album

Bush guitarist Gavin Rossdale says the band’s new album is on the way. Interviewed by Australia’s May The Rock Be With You, the singer said he used the “downtime” during the pandemic to construct a new album. That said, the album won’t reflect the changing landscape, but continue from where the band left off on their last album.

“I’ve just written 18 songs,” Rossdale said. “And we start [in the studio] on Monday with a producer. [We’ll] rearrange — hopefully not too much — the stuff I’ve done. We choose the songs we’re gonna do. We either might use what I started, the tracks, or we might just try nixing them and doing it fresh.”

The songwriter projects that the album will be complete by May, which gives them enough time to rehearse and get a feel for the songs. From that point on, the record will be ready for release, which gives the band the chance to familiarise themselves with the material. The album will capture a similar spirit to their 2020 record, The Kingdom.

Rossdale suggests that the album will feature two ballads, although they won’t have the conventional structures nominally pencilled for the genre. Aided by a studio in his home, Rossdale feels more comfortable in his abilities as a songwriter and arranger.

In other Rossdale related news, he is launching a new cooking and entertainment show called E.A.T. The series will feature a new guest appearing at a themed meal in his home in The Hollywood Hills, giving a new perspective on traditional dining and social interaction.

Shooting is underway, although E.A.T has yet to find a streaming service or platform to air the work. Roundtable Entertainment is producing the series, and according to Rossdale, he could not be any less enamoured by the collaboration.

“They understand my vision and will help execute a compelling series,” the songwriter said, explaining that the show is about putting the focus on the culinary traditions we boast in our society. The series will be very different to the rollicking, rock-oriented fodder of Rossdale’s band. Rossdale isn’t the first rockstar to move into reality television; Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne had a hit show in 2003.

Stream the interview with May The Rock Be With You below.