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(Credit: Henry W. Laurisch)


Frank Turner writes a tribute song to Scott Hutchinson

British singer-songwriter Frank Turner has admitted that he was moved to channel his feelings regarding Scott Hutchinson‘s death into his songs. Turner was an admirer of Hutchinson and his band, Frightened Rabbit

Hutchinson’s spirit made its way into Turner’s ‘A Wave Across The Bay’, which can be heard on FTHC, the singer’s newest album. In an interview, Turner says the tune came to him in a dream. “I try to write in an unforced way, and that was an extreme example of that,” Turner told NME. “I had a very powerful lucid dream one night and it featured Scott showing me some chords and some words. I wrote them down and the next day I had three-quarters of the song.” 

Turner elaborated on the sentiment, claiming that the arrangement was his way of paying tribute to Frightened Rabbit. “It’s epic, slightly post-indie or whatever you want to call it, but there’s an enormous to it and a smallness to it that balances in a beautiful way.”

Turner feels the song is as much about celebrating life, as it is about coming to terms with someone’s death. Stoically, Turner feels that Hutchinson made a choice, not a mistake, so allowed the tune to acknowledge the Frightened Rabbit’s decision process. 

Hutchinson died in 2018 by his own hand. Frightened Rabbit released a statement thanking fans for their support during this difficult time in their lives. In response, celebrities from all over the globe paid tribute to their deceased bandmate. 

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon paid tribute to the Frightened Rabbit singer on her Twitter page, describing him as a “remarkable and much-loved talent.” Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams opined that “these kinds of deaths” were becoming too frequent in the music society. 

Turner’s newest album also features a tune accepting his trans parent. Turner claimed in an interview with The Guardian that Miranda was a much nicer person to their “prick” of a father. The tune ‘Miranda’ served as Turner’s way of celebrating life changes and choices over the course of a personal and intellectual journey into self-acceptance and love. 

Stream ‘A Wave Across The Bay’ below.