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Francis Ford Coppola says Vladimir Putin is not “deranged” as he calls for peace


Francis Ford Coppola has delivered a speech calling for peace amid the current Russian invasion of Ukraine at the ICG Publicist’s Guild Award luncheon on Friday, March 25th.

While accepting a lifetime achievement award, the legendary director steered the conversation away from cinema to discuss the time he first met the Russian leader.

“I confess I met [Vladimir] Putin, and I met [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy who is really a show business guy, his whole government, all of them are actors,” Coppola began as he called for peace at the ceremony. 

“If one word would just be said, one word with the force of meaning: Stop,” he continued. “Putin is not an insane, deranged person. He is a calculating person and if someone said stop and meant that, he would stop.”

Coppola then spoke of the issue of climate change and how the Russians also have a hand in bringing about peace in that sense as they look towards a thermonuclear power supply. 

He continued: “If they don’t take the word stop as being definitive, which it would be, I say then use another Russian word: tokamak.” 

Explaining: “What is tokamak? Tokamak is, in one word, the solution to this desperate climate situation, which Russian scientists and American scientists could achieve without a doubt.”

Thereafter, despite the serious nature of his speech, he offered up a message of hope. “What I want to offer is that there is a solution. There’s a wonderful human solution to what this absurd world is going through now. And if it’s not stop, which would work, then I say tokamak,” he concluded.

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