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(Credit: Edward Cooke)


Foals stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian crew of '2am' video


In light of Russia’s Invasion of the country, Foals have shared a message of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, highlighting the important role the local team played in creating their recent ‘2am’ music video.

In the early hours of Thursday morning (February 24th), Vladimir Putin launched a military attack on Ukraine. It was soon revealed that the invaded nation had cut all diplomatic ties with Russia, declaring martial law. While Putin has framed the attack as an act of defence, those in Ukraine feel as though they are the ones who need to defend themselves. According to Ukraine, Putin has launched a “full-scale invasion”.

As the news broke, artists around the world came out in support of the Ukrainian people, condemning Putin’s actions. The likes of Yungblud, Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oli Sykes, Amanda Palmer and Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Kapranos have all taken to social media to speak out.

Yannis Philippakis from Foals has also offered a message of solidarity, taking to Twitter to write: “Love and courage to all our friends in Ukraine,” he said. Now, the band have posted a series of photos taken during the shoot for their ‘2am’ video, which was filmed in Ukraine back in January. “Thinking of these amazing people who made filming the ‘2am’ video possible in Kyiv last month,” they wrote. “Wishing all our friends in the Ukraine love and courage”.

The video was directed by Tanu Muiño. With the help of an entirely Ukrainian crew, Muiño filmed ‘2am’ in her home city of Kyiv, which is now on the frontline of the conflict. Shortly after the video’s release, Philippakis took part in an interview in which he briefly talked about the process of filming in Ukraine with a Russian invasion looming on the horizon: “It was a bit surreal,” he began. “We had to make the call a few weeks ago about whether or not to kill off the idea of going to shoot there. We kind of risked it and everything was fine, but it felt touch-and-go”.

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe and also one of the poorest. It borders Russia along with Belarus, Poland, and Moldova, and has long-resisted absorption into Russia. Putin, on the other hand, regards Ukraine as historically part of Russia and has been wary of Ukraine’s move towards NATO and the EU in recent years. He is now aiming for the “demilitarisation” of Ukraine while demanding guarantees from the West that Ukraine will not join NATO, a defensive alliance made up of 30 countries.