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(Credit: Edward Cooke)


Foals anticipate festival season with joyous new track '2am'

Foals - '2am'

Foals have shared their brand new single, ‘2am’. The track comes from the rock troupe’s much-anticipated forthcoming album Life is Yours, and is their first release of 2022, following last year’s single ‘Wake Me Up‘. Already anticipating a hedonistic summer, ‘2am’ is set to send festival audiences into a frenzy. Hooky to its core, the new single is as far from the post-rock crescendos of ‘Spanish Sahara’ as it’s possible to get. As frontman Yannis Philppakis confessed in a recent statement: “Musically ‘2am’ is one of the poppiest songs we’ve ever written”.

But don’t be fooled. Beneath the track’s sun-soaked, cyclical groove lies real substance: “It’s about repetitive cycles of destructive behaviour, which I think lots of people can relate to, and certainly it’s an expression of something that I struggle with,” Yannis continued. “There’s something cathartic about expressing that feeling to this upbeat music that’s got a sense of release and the hope of resolution”.

Life Is Yours was written in the gloomy days of the winter lockdown 2020. It’s no surprise, then, that Foals have crafted a track that combines sun-kissed melodies with explorative, introspective lyrical content. ‘2am’ at once reaches towards an escape and finds itself caught in a hysterical loop of crippling self-doubt.

In a recent interview, Foals explained the backdrop of Life Is Yours: “It was quite a long road, with the pandemic winter and all of that in England,” Yannis began. “It was everywhere, but it felt especially bleak and encroaching in the UK with the weather, no pubs and how bad Covid got”.

The album’s sound was, in many ways, a reaction to the dire state of things: “We just really wanted to write transporter music that would just take us out of that room and the current time and the whole situation with the pandemic,” Yannis continued. “We wanted to be transported anywhere else. We were craving it for ourselves almost as musical therapy, but also definitely thinking, ‘When and if things get back to normal, it’s going to be a joyous explosion of energy’. We wanted to write music that anticipated that”.

With their seventh studio offering is on the way, Foals are set to begin a UK headline tour this April, which will see the group take to the main stage at London’s All Points East festival this summer. Check out ‘2am’ below to get a taste of what you can expect.