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Foals share new music video for latest single 'Wake Me Up'


Foals are back, having just released their new single, ‘Wake Me Up.’ The song marked the indie rocker’s first release since the second half of their gargantuan 2019 double album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2. It is also the group’s first release since the departure of their long-serving keyboardist Edwin Congreave.

‘Wake Me Up,’ like so many releases this year, was written during the bitterly cold UK winter lockdown. “We wanted to create a contrast between the outside world and the music that we’re writing inside this small room,” frontman Yannis Philippakis said, imagining the world outside his frosted window. “We couldn’t help but reimagine ourselves on stage and how euphoric it will be once it returns”.

It is those stage shows have made Foals one of the most important live acts in the UK, a status they have managed to retain ever since the release of their 2021 breakthrough album, Total Life Forever. Teasing the release of their next LP, Foals clearly intend to make a record for the festival circuit, describing the forthcoming 2022 album as a “dance/disco record,” that feels like a “sweaty, late-night dance floor — a going-out record”.

Alongside the new single, Foals have released a stunning video for ‘Wake Me Up’ which appears to have been shot – Birdman style – entirely in one take. The video, which appropriately takes place on a theatre stage, sees the band perform the track live, while the camera follows the various stagehands, dancers and set dressers.

The video’s emphasis on live performance is surely a product of Philippakis’ view that: “This may be one of the first times in human history that there’s been very little congregation around music. We were almost wishing it back into existence.”

As if working on their seventh album wasn’t enough, Foals are also preparing to embark on their huge 2022 tour. You can check out the long list of dates here.