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(Credit: Press / Luke Fenstemaker)


Finneas becomes a thief in ‘The Kids Are All Dying’ video

Older brother of pop-icon Billie Eilish, Finneas, has become a “bad guy” in his latest video shared for single ‘The Kids Are All Dying’. The video comes following the release of his debut album Optimist, which was released in October 2022. 

In the visuals for ‘The Kids Are All Dying’, Finneas is seen breaking into a jewellery shop and tearing the place apart like a bull in a china shop before proceeding to rob some of the precious jewellery into his rucksack. 

After putting on a couple of rings and a necklace, he decides that’s enough and in a nonchalant manner, he graffitis a winking smiley face on the wall with a dollar sign in place of the open eye.

The video, directed by Philip Andelman, appears to be a middle finger to the status quo in perhaps more of a well-meaning “Robin Hood” display than, say, “Oceans Eleven”. 

As the lyrics reveal: “How can you sing about love when the kids are all dying?/ How can you sing about drugs? Politicians are lying …  How can you sing about sex when the school is on lockdown, lockdown?/ Now baby, maybe we’re next/ Maybe we’re next.”

However, in a press release for the song, Finneas said: “Even if we are living through a time of chaos and uncertainty, the human experience is never going to exclude love, sex, fun, leisure, and adventure” – so perhaps the robbery was just a whim of personal gain after all. 

The young star appears to be on an unstoppable rise as a recording artist and producer alongside his sister; the pair having taken home the Golden Globe on Sunday (January 9th) for the Best Original Song in ‘No Time To Die’, which made the cut last year as the theme to one of the most gripping James Bond instalments to date. 

See the video for ‘The Kids Are All Dying’ below.