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(Credit: Glyn Lowe)


New Year Honours 2022: Daniel Craig receives the same honour as James Bond

After the release of No Time to Die, the speculations about who is going to play the next James Bond have refused to die down. The intensity of these debates can be attributed to the fantastic job done by Daniel Craig who ushered in the iconic role to a new era, modernising it for younger generations of fans as well as his successors.

Since it was Craig’s final James Bond project, the actor, as well as his colleagues and fans, were emotional about the farewell. Thankfully, Cary Joji Fukunaga managed to construct a compelling and thrilling romp which was described by many critics as the best James Bond film in recent years and perceived as a competent farewell for Craig.

For his contributions to the art of acting and his impact on cinema and theatre, Craig was awarded a special title and his name was added to the New Year Honours list. The title he actually received was the Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George which has a special connection to his tenure as James Bond.

In the film adaptations as well as the Bond novels, the titular character has also been awarded the same title which makes it an incredibly special achievement for Craig. The title is usually given in recognition of service in a foreign country, including the efforts of diplomats which provides some insight as to how Bond got the title in the first place.

In an interview, Craig decided to provide some advice for whoever was going to take on the role after him. He commented: “Don’t be shit… I just wanted to make sure I left it in as good a place as I found it. That’s all I kind of cared about and I think that anybody [who] takes it on will feel the same way because it matters,” claiming that it was important to cinema history.

Watch the trailer for No Time to Die below.