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(Credit: Dean Chalkey)


Famed photographer Dean Chalkley announces Phono 48

Visual media artist Dean Chalkley is working on a new project, that brings music and sounds into one compelling hybrid. Best known for his photography work with Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller, Chalkley decided to team up with musical director Nick Corbin to oversee a sprawling compendium in sound that assimilates influences from all over the island. 

The tune features Nick Corbin, Kitty and Lewis (Kitty, Daisy and Lewis), neo-soul singer Laville, bass guitarist Solomon, and keyboard player Amané Suganami on the recording, punctuated by a series of probing beats. The tune offers a portal into the virtues of collaboration while holding true to the sensibilities of the soul records that have gone before it. The idea for the tune stemmed from a conversation Chalkley had with Sunspel CEO Nicholas Brooke about the importance of creative expression in the sanctity of a studio, leading Chalkley to organise a collective where like-minded creatives could put their heads together and create a sound of their own. This led to the track ‘So Pure’. 

Kitty and Lewis acted as co-producers on the work, inviting suggestions in the vicinity in the hope of creating something grander. Laville contributed the lyrics and the vocal melody, inspired by the backbeat that was presented to the London born singer. A jazz singer by trade, Laville is also an artist in his own right, having released his debut album The Wanderer in 2019.

Kitty and Lewis have been making music since they were in school. Together with their sibling Daisy, they form a jaunty trio. “Teachers used to come to gigs and get pissed,” Lewis recalled, “and the next day at school they’d let you off the hook, let you have a little kip in the corner. I used to go to sleep in the music cupboard, next to all the banged-up cellos.”

The outfit is called Phono 48, forming part of New Perspective, which coincides with the myriad perspectives Chalkley has captured during his tenure as a rock photographer. Among the names he has committed to the page are Noel Gallagher, Jack White and Richard Ashcroft. 

Stream ‘So Pure’ below.