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Demob Happy- Young and Numb EP

Artist: Demob Happy
Album: Young and Numb
Label: Milk Parlour Records
For fans of: Filth and Nastiness (and probably Nirvana)
Standout tracks: Succubus
Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Demob Happy: British informal; Feeling elated because one is about to leave a stressful or responsible job or situation:

Sometimes band names make no sense at all, sometimes they are funny (Cerebral Ballzy is a particular favourite of mine) but sometimes they just make complete sense. Looking at the aforementioned definition; Demob Happy are most certainly one of the latter.

We have been fans of Demob Happy almost since their live shows of chaotic ferocity on the South Coast reached us here in the Big Smoke. Their brand of raucous noise and intangible direction is at both times intriguing and worrying, exhilarating and frightening and therefore perfect for their current climate.

Marking themselves out as ‘ones to watch’ with their track ‘Suffer You’ and even further endearing us with their cover of the 90’s trance classic ‘I Wanna Be  A Hippy’ their appeal and what make this Young and Numb EP so triumphant is their affection with being Demob Happy.

They have refused traditional protocol in gigs, often tearing through sets quicker than a dirty kebab at the end of the night, they have reckless abandon in their styling and aesthetics in general (see the Young and Numb Video for proof) and even down to their genre-melting sound which blends punk and grunge you unfashionably well. But you get the feeling they are fucking happy about it.

The EP kicks off with the title track smashing through the lyrics with a back drop of seedy distorted bass and the sneer of a ‘filthier-than-you-know’ expression. ‘Fizz’ then arrives at our door with the same deluge of distortion and deadpan delivery which crescendos with a guitar attack of epic proportions.

‘Succubus’ is most definitely the pop-ier of the singles and has a clearly defined melody that even plays with chunky Britpop riffs and dabbles with the devil of heavy drums and bass. ‘Milk Parlour’ also finishes off the EP with a flourish and adds a more arthouse sound to the distorted Nirvana-inspired sonicscape. The last track adding the caveat of a more cultured sound, showing this band aren’t all about the filth and fury of punk and grunge – though it is the main screaming, snarling focus.

Who’d want it any other way? Not us.

Right then, we’re off to get demob happy.

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