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Demob Happy - I Wanna Be A Hippy

Brighton based Demob Happy have been tantalising the Far Out office for a few months now, with their mercurial live performances and a reckless abandon on their records, they’ve enchanted, enthralled and scared us half to death. So when we heard that the band were covering Techohead’s 90’s rave classic ‘I Wanna Be A Hippy’ we just had to make it our Track of the Day.

The B-side to ‘Succubus’ it has all the rock and roll quality you would expect, adding a touch of classic rock to this classic dance anthem. Pounding through frivolous riffs and encapsulating a generation of nomadic no-hopers Demob Happy smash through this track with a typical intensity.

The basis of the song is essentially tongue-in-cheek but still sets the band apart from their contemporaries by not only destroying a wretched dance song with a drum roll and a strum of guitar, but lacking the conceited nature so many bands have to even attempt it.

Jack Whatley