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Demob Happy - Succubus


We recently visited the slightly distorted mind’s eye of the Brighton based band Demob Happy and now we bring you another piece of purified rancid rock and roll. ‘Succubus’ is as sweat drenched and grime filled as it sounds and it’s our Track of the Day.

The band have been creating serious waves on the coastal town for their raucous performances and subversive sound, their new release ‘Succubus’ is no different. It reeks of QOTSA with a little more British swagger.

The spellbinding heavy bass thunders through the track like an ever-present menace, only sliced by the choral backing vocals and distorted riffs which penetrate until the last. The breakdown provides a perfect swell of heavy bass and fuzzy licks which blend this grimey mood with love-filled lyrics into a snaring song with a pop-hued tint.

Demob Happy are going to be impregnating your brain with this kind of moody and filthy sound for the forthcoming months. Winter’s coming and it’s going to be dark, dirty and mainly Demob Happy.

Jack Whatley