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Deerhoof release new single 'Plant Thief'


It doesn’t matter if you’re a Big Thief, a Little Thief, or the currently-mysterious Middle Thief: if you are a Plant Thief, you will be caught and memorialised in a Deerhoof song.

The legendary American indie rock band have shared the latest preview of their forthcoming eighteenth studio album Actually, You Can in the form of their new single, ‘Plant Thief’.

“[‘Plant Thief’] is a rage rock song responding to a patriarchal world that leeches off of unpaid caring labour and matriarchal knowledge,” the band explain in a press release. If there needs to be another addition to the “Fuck the Patriarchy” movement’s playlist, this one is a pretty awesome candidate.

Firing up with a blast of frenetic drums, the band all enter on discordant tones that slash against each other like the entire band is being forced through a cheese grater. Satomi Matsuzaki’s voice, as it always is, becomes the soothing balm against the chaos. But don’t be fooled: just because it sounds sweet, she’s still spitting fire.

The song comes with an equally angular music video featuring animation from artist Fairhurst. “Sometimes when you are hurt, so much you could dissolve into ink, nothing can stop your shaking atoms other than being swallowed whole into the dark,” Fairhurst explains. “Sometimes a giant bird will be there, just in time to do that. Satomi’s verse penned a story in my head and I let the thrashing guitars and drums carry me away over the spikes and deep falls. Pulling and falling and tripping I did what I could to match the musical tensions.”

The fuzzy freak out guitar solo is just the icing on the punk-tastic cake. The current top comment on the song’s music video is “deerhoof remind me that there’s still life to live.” Amen to that.

Check out the video for ‘Plant Thief’ down below. Actually, You Can is set for an October 22 release.