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Deerhoof announce new album 'Actually, You Can'


American indie heroes Deerhoof have announced the release of their upcoming eighteenth (!) studio album, Actually, You Can.

Truly heroes to any DIY band, Deerhoof have been forging their own path in the music industry for nearly three decades. Refusing to compromise their artistic independence or sell themselves up to more traditional music business labels, the band have consistently remained on indie labels throughout their entire career, focusing their energy on chaotic live shows and experimental pop records that they take directly to the people.

Describing the new record as “baroque gone DIY”, the band advise you to be in a specific mental state while experiencing this LP: “Think of all the beauty, positivity and love that gets deemed ugly, negative and hateful by the self-proclaimed guardians of ‘common sense.’ We’d hardly be destroying society by dismantling their colonial economics and prisons and gender roles and aesthetics. We’d be creating it!” 

Take that, capitalist patriarchal pigs! Anyway, last year, at a time when most bands slowed down or screeched to a complete halt thanks to the global pandemic, Deerhoof kicked into overdrive and released two albums, Future Teenage Cave Artists and Love-Lore. The band love to take on weighty themes and heady narratives in their work, and Actually, You Can doesn’t plan on being any different.

The album’s announcement also comes with the release of the first single, ‘Department of Corrections’. As detailed by the band, the song “is about all the marvellous mysteries of life that don’t add up on a ledger sheet or figure into an AI algorithm. It’s about Judas going electric. It’s about how the human species itself is meaningless without a planet to live on. How we vastly outnumber our would-be masters if only we could get organised.”

The press release also proudly announces a “return to biblical references ironically set to frenzied noise rock, as heard on their breakthrough series of LPs, ReveilleApple O’, and The Runners Four.” Maybe not sonically, but if you want to get a sense of what kind of similar lyrical style Actually, You Can will be taking, maybe try those other records on for size first. Spoiler alert: they’re pretty good!

Actually, You Can is set for an October 22 release. Check out the album’s tracklisting down below.

Actually, You Can tracklisting:

1. Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates of Hell
2. Department of Corrections
3. We Grew, and We Are Astonished
4. Scarcity Is Manufactured
5. Ancient Mysteries, Described
6. Plant Thief
7. Our Philosophy Is Fiction
8. Epic Love Poem
9. Divine Comedy