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(Credit: Little Thief)


Little Thief share new single 'Freak'

Little Thief - 'Freak'

Bristol rock and roll duo Little Thief have shared the latest taste of their upcoming debut album Under the Patio with the new stomp-rocker, ‘Freak’.

Kicking off with an oscillating single-note guitar line that descends as the thumping drums kick in, ‘Freak’ plays with blues-rock cliches without ever falling into them. A haunting organ line floats above the proceedings as the words “tonight” repeat over and over, finally crashing into the song’s lust-filled chorus.

“We wanted to capture the feeling of excitement and fear that comes with those explosively beautiful people,” vocalist Charlie Fitzgerald explains in a press release.

“We all know that person or group of people that have the ability to bring out our ‘fuck it’ side. I’ve had a load of people like this in my life, Rhii [Williams, drummer] being one of them. They are magnanimous and that knock on the door on a Friday night always feels like the beginning of a superhero film.”

If you’re a fan of acts like fuzzy blues-inspired garage rock duos like Royal Blood or The Black Keys, you’ll find a lot to like in Little Thief. If you confusingly typed in the band’s name while looking for indie folkers Big Thief, you might not be as amicable.

The good news is that Little Thief play a very specific type of rock and roll that relies heavily on grit and swagger. Williams bashes away with chaotic energy, but she also swings to emphasize the “roll” in “rock and roll”. Fitzgerald has a voice that doesn’t spit or snarl, instead, hanging back with a detached cool that sounds effortless even as he reaches for the shouted high notes. It all adds up to a killer, classic-sounding rocker. More of this, please.

Check out the video for ‘Freak’ down below. Under the Patio is set for a September 17 release date.