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Corey Taylor addresses his reasons for Machine Gun Kelly feud

Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor, has shone more light on his current feud with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). Appearing on the ShipRocked cruise, the shock-metal hero explained that the Texan rapper turned pop-punk star isn’t allowed to “fucking run (his) mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 fucking years”.

The feud between Taylor and MGK is one of the hottest in contemporary music. It’s alleged that it kicked off when Taylor seemed to allude to MGK’s artistry in an interview back in the early days of 2021 when he said: “I (hate) the artists who failed in one genre and decided to go rock — and I think he knows who he is”.

Then what followed was a round of sparring. MGK made headlines in September 2021 when he criticised Slipknot during his show at Chicago’s Riot Fest, a bill that incidentally featured the influential Des Moines band. “You all want to know what I’m happy that I’m not doing?” MGK asked the crowd during his set. “Being 50 years old wearing a fucking weird mask on the fucking stage. Fucking shit”.

At this point, Taylor had had enough of MGK’s insolence. Taylor then shocked fans when he revealed that MGK had previously reached out to him via Blink-182’s Travis Barker, and asked Taylor to guest on his album Tickets to My Downfall. However, Taylor wasn’t into the style of the single he was asked to collaborate on, and so declined the request. 

Now, during a Q&A on ShipRocked, Taylor was asked to elucidate on the beef. He gave a comprehensive background before revealing a string on new details. His answer was transcribed by Blabbermouth.

After giving a brief introduction, Taylor said: “If you don’t know, they asked me to do a tune with him. They sent it to me. I didn’t dig it. And I tried to do something with it because of my respect for Travis, because he and I worked together before. They sent me these really weird notes and they wanted me to sing his words. And I just said, ‘I’m not gonna do it.’ And I sent an e-mail. I posted that e-mail. And I didn’t hear back from him. And I thought it was done. Fast forward about eight months, and Machine Gun Kelly is doing this weird Instagram Live interview with Allie from Spotify.”

He explained: “And he goes off on this fucking rant about rock stars and comfortable shoes. It sounds as smart as you think it is. … I mean, spit was coming out of his face. And I’m watching it and I’m going, ‘You fuck. You’ve been here for five minutes, basically, and you’re gonna fucking run your mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 fucking years, like in the mud, in the dirt. They’re gonna wear whatever the fuck they want. You’re gonna walk in here with your fucking black tongue and try to talk some shit on some bands that would fucking circle your ass? Fuck you.’”

Taylor then defended himself by stating that he was only taking the opportunity to set the record straight. He concluded: “You don’t get to walk in as some weird substitute teacher and pretend that you can tell us what to wear — boots, shoes, house fucking shoes, slippers. Why don’t you suck every inch of my dick? You don’t get to do that. And these are bands that maybe I don’t even fucking know, but guess what? I fucking respect them because they get on fucking stage and they fucking give every fucking thing they’ve got.”

2022 is set to be a tremendous year for Slipknot. Taylor’s appearance on ShipRocked came ahead of the band’s ‘Knotfest Roadshow’ tour, which is due to take place over March and April. As for the Taylor/MGK feud, it’s a constantly evolving story.