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Carl Barât’s guitars stolen ahead of Dirty Pretty Things rehearsals

Carl Barât has issued an appeal after two of his guitars were stolen ahead of a rehearsal with his side project, Dirty Pretty Things.

The Libertines co-frontman took to his Twitter account yesterday to share photos of the two stolen guitars asking fans to keep an eye out and “spread the word”. The urgent appeal was also shared on The Libertines’ account.

“In the early hours of this morning, two of Carl’s most treasured guitars were stolen in the Homerton area of London, as Dirty Pretty Things rehearsals were about to commence,” the statement reads.

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Adding: “These guitars hold an unfathomable amount of sentimental value so any news on their whereabouts would be greatly appreciated, the police have already been informed. Please spread the word and DM if you have any info.”

Dirty Pretty Things are set to perform a show at London’s Electric Ballroom next week to mark the belated 15th anniversary of their 2006 debut LP Waterloo To Anywhere. The show was originally scheduled for March 24th, but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elsewhere, The Libertines are due to play six dates over the summer to mark the 20th anniversary of their classic 2002 debut album, Up The Bracket.

Last month, Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre was also forced to issue an urgent appeal across social media platforms after his band had over $50,000 worth of gear stolen from the back of their tour van in Portland, Oregon. 

Fortunately, through the sedulous work of the Portland Police Department and the power of social media, the band were reunited with almost all of their stolen gear. With widespread awareness, these sentimental items can be made unsellable. It is hoped that the same resolution can be found for Barât. You can help by sharing or re-tweeting the post below.