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Blossoms share new single 'Ode to NYC'

Blossoms - 'Ode to NYC'

British indie rockers Blossoms have shared the latest taste of their upcoming studio album Ribbon Around the Bomb with the jaunty ‘Ode to NYC’.

Lighthearted and about as breezy as rock music can get, ‘Ode to NYC’ finds lead singer Tom Ogden and the band behind him gushing over the Big Apple with choppy snare drums, acoustic guitars, and some of their signature chiming electric lines. Ogden has two inspirations so heart-warming that it’s enough to defrost even the coldest of souls.

“‘Ode To NYC’ is a love letter to my favourite city and is me imagining running around the city with my wife,” Ogden says. “It also feels like a love letter to her as well. ‘I get my kicks at West 56th, we’ll go sing Sinatra’ is referring to going to watch a tribute at the Carnegie Club which is on West 56th. That club is like something from a Scorsese movie.”

You also have to love the lines that immediately precede the one that Ogden references: “New Mexico just isn’t home/Forget Navada”. I don’t know what New Mexico or Nevada ever did to him, but there’s absolutely no venom in his put down of the states whose only crimes were not being New York.

That’s because Blossoms manage to conjure up that goofy, psychedelic feeling of being in love with a person or a place and crank it up to ten on ‘Ode to NYC’. “Cheery” is selling it short too, as the song is downright ebullient in its head-over-heels joy. But no matter how radiant they get, Blossoms never grate or overstay their welcome. ‘Ode to NYC’ is less than three minutes of pure sunshine, but if you’re not exactly in the happy-go-lucky mood, it’s not going to rain on your parade either.

This is single number two from Ribbon Around the Bomb after the title track was dropped earlier this year. ‘Ribbon Around the Bomb’ didn’t exactly reach the heights that Blossoms are capable of, and for those that just want Blossoms to strap in and rock out, ‘Ode to NYC’ is going to be another frustrating diversion. But I’m quite keen on Blossoms’ new direction: they sound a lot like SPINN, and I quite dig SPINN, so I’m eager to hear more.

Check out the video for ‘Ode to NYC’ down below. Ribbon Around the Bomb is set to drop on April 29th.