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Morrissey praises Blossoms and Rick Astley for tribute concerts

Morrissey has showered praise on both Blossoms and Rick Astley for their recent shows where they triumphantly covered some of The Smiths’ most-beloved songs.

Famously, Morrissey was the band’s frontman between their formation in 1982 and dissolution in 1987. He has said that he is grateful for the collaborative tribute.

Taking their Smiths covers band on the road, Blossoms and Rick Astley have graced the stage at some of UK’s best-loved venues. They played at Manchester’s Albert Hall on Friday (October 9) and London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town on Saturday (October 9).

On his website, Morrissey wrote: “My sincere thanks to Rick and the Blossoms for their recent recentness. Anything that generates interest in that tired old Smiths warhorse is testimony to the wallop it packed. THANK YOU!”

Although Morrissey has come out in support of the tribute supergroup, his former bandmate, Johnny Marr, seemed a little more cynical when the shows were first announced. “Well, I met The Blossoms a few weeks ago and they elected to not mention it.” he posted on social media, adding: “Nice.”

Marr explained: “Didn’t mention when we were hanging out a few weeks ago. Must’ve slipped their minds,” he appended when responding to a fan who called the move “blatant disrespect”.

The guitar hero also discussed how he had “no problem with tribute bands, or with anyone doing anyone’s songs, and I’ve got no problem with Rick Astley”, but there was “a back story”.

The week later, Marr seemed to have cooled things down. He explained in the media that things between him and Blossoms were now settled. He told NME that it had been “dealt with” but “there was an M.O. there that just wasn’t very cool.”

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Marr will be supporting New York legends, Blondie, across their mammoth Spring 2022 tour.

Watch Blossoms and Rick Astley cover The Smiths below.