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Credit: Rosario Lopez


Pixies frontman Black Francis claims that the world has become "very dystopian"

Black Francis, the frontman of the Pixies, has claimed that the world’s present condition has left the planet feeling dystopian, with “rippling tension everywhere”.

Black claimed that he had become worried about what state the world would be left in for his children to be raised in. In an interview with the NME, Black said, “Some of the events of the last few years, with the Presidential election in the United States and Donald Trump and all that other nonsense, and then the coronavirus pandemic and now worldwide recession, amid these extreme weather patterns, add together all this stuff and it starts to feel very dystopian.”

He added, “There’s an economic strain on people, and you see it when you go to Aldi and realise, ‘Shit, there are four security guards in this fucking discount grocery store to make I don’t run off with too many cans of tuna fish for free!'”

Black noted a variety of world events contributing to the overwhelming sense of despair gripping the modern world, including the United States’ recent ban on abortion, the lack of the country’s ban on guns and the climate crisis that has led to some of the hottest days on record in certain geographical locations. He said: “We’re going to hell in a handbasket, and it’s the most grim and dystopian it’s ever been in my lifetime.”

Black added, “I’m embarrassed in front of my children, just sheepishly apologising: ‘Sorry the world’s as corrupt as it is!’. Even if you have a fatalist view of life, sometimes you just have to sit back and find a way to enjoy that damn coffee”.

Pixies will release their new album, Doggerel, on September 30th, later this year. It will serve as the follow-up album to 2019’s Beneath the Eyrie.