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(Credit: Lars Crommelinck Photography)


Billie Eilish picks her favourite songs of 2020

Right now, there isn’t much that Billie Eilish could do wrong. The singer has not only proven herself to still be one of the freshest artists around, despite her debut LP landing last year, but also shown her chops when taking on some of the biggest songs the rock world has ever known and even performed The Beatles hit ‘Something’ to a tee just last week. Now, she’s provided us with an expert list of music to sum up 2020 as she picks her favourite songs of the year.

Chances are, you’ll see plenty of these lists in the coming weeks but very few of them will come with the approval of perhaps the biggest recording artists in the world right now. There was one song which seemed to hit harder than most and that was taken from indie heroes The Strokes and their new album The New Abnormal — quite a fitting title for anything that came out in 2020.

Eilish was speaking to the Australian radio broadcaster Triple J as part of their annual voter-led countdown of great tunes from the year, AKA The Hottest 100. As part of the conversation, Eilish picked out nine of her own favourite songs of the year.

The songs included were They include The Strokes’ track ‘At The Door’, James Blake‘s heart-wrenching gem ‘Are You Even Real?’, of course, there was room for Phoebe Bridgers‘ ‘Savior Complex’, as well as a nod to Jorja Smith‘s ‘By Any Means’ and Dominic Fike‘s ‘Chicken Tenders’.

The other four entries come from similar grounds, included Drake‘s ‘Time Flies’, ‘Drinks’ by Cyn, ‘Kata’ by a lesser-known artist Tekno and ‘To Let A Good Thing Die’ by Bruno Major. It completed a searing list of nine songs which, for Billie Eilish, make 2020 brilliant.

One record has meant more than most, The Strokes new LP: “It’s been my favourite album in many years,” she said of the album. “There is something about The Strokes, I don’t know what it is, man. I love ‘At The Door’, I love the melodies, I love the lyrics, I love everything about it. The Strokes hit a nerve.”

You can listen to the nine songs below as part of a playlist we’ve created for you.

Billie Eilish favourite songs of 2020:

  • ‘At The Door’ – The Strokes
  • ‘Are You Even Real?’ – James Blake
  • ‘Savior Complex’ – Phoebe Bridgers
  • ‘By Any Means’ – Jorja Smith
  • ‘Chicken Tenders’ – Dominic Fike
  • ‘Time Flies’ – Drake
  • ‘Drinks’ – Cyn
  • ‘Kata’ – Tekno
  • ‘To Let A Good Thing Die’ – Bruno Major