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Credit: Oscars


Billie Eilish shares beautiful cover of The Beatles song 'Something'


Billie Eilish is determined to show us all that no matter how much many people will deride her as just another pop star, she is, in fact, a pure and wonderfully talented musician. The singer has proved it once again by taking on another cover of The Beatles, this time the song that Frank Sinatra called the “greatest love song written in the last 50 years,” the beautiful ‘Something’.

Penned by George Harrison, not for his wife Patty Boyd, but the entire universe, the track has rightly been considered one of the Fab Four’s finest efforts. Now, the latest pop sensation has given it a whirl as part of a recent livestream and completely blown us away. It’s not the first time she’s made a Beatles song her own, either. The artist provided a quick rendition of ‘I Will’ during her Carpool Karaoke session and also delivered a beguiling cover of ‘Yesterday’ for the Oscars.

‘Something’ is a song which finally confirmed that George Harrison was equally as talented when it came to songwriting as his bandmates, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. A song steeped in romance and joyful bliss, it remains one of Harrison’s finest compositions. Though Eilish operates in a far more modern space when delivering her own work, she clearly holds all the credentials needed to perform a showstopping cover. Not only is her voice soulful and vulnerable, delicate yet purposeful, but her connection with the song from the very first notes she sang as part of the session for Sirius XM.

Eilish picked the song as part of her recent Apple Music show saying: “I remember listening to this song when I was in love, or whatever, and yeah. This song really, once again, got me. I don’t know. I think that it’s such a well-put song. I think the lyrics say something that I barely hear, and I feel like lots of people are saying something similar, but I feel like only The Beatles could say exactly this.”

The singer is clearly a fan of the band and pays her respect to one of the foundational stones of pop as we know it today: “It’s such a thing that we feel, it’s such a human feeling. So this is ‘Something’ by The Beatles. Also, everybody knows that The Beatles were the main, probably, pool of music that we listened to growing up. This is one out of basically all of their songs that I loved and adored growing up, but this one really stuck with me.”

Listen to Billie Eilish’s beautiful rendition of The Beatles’ Abbey Road number ‘Something’.