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(Credit: Belle and Sebastian)


Belle and Sebastian release new song 'Young and Stupid'

Belle and Sebastian - 'Young and Stupid'

Scottish indie rockers Belle and Sebastian have dropped the latest single from their upcoming eleventh studio album A Bit of Previous, the poppy and nostalgic ‘Young and Stupid’.

Featuring a light-as-air arrangement with plenty of strummy acoustic guitars and bright piano lines, ‘Young and Stupid’ chronicles the times when life favours the wild and crazy antics of youth. Lead singer Stuart Murdoch approaches the song from an older perspective, taking on the persona of an entire generation that is now “old with creaky bones / some with partners, some alone / some with kids and some with dogs / getting through the nightly slog.”

Complete with a picturebook video compiling some of the band’s pictures from youth, ‘Young and Stupid’ is a heartfelt look back at days gone by. The new track comes almost immediately after the band put out ‘If They’re Shooting at You’ as a charity single in support of Ukraine’s fight against Russian forces.

Somehow, Belle and Sebastian got Mad Men actor Jon Hamm to write up an introduction for their new album. “In 2015 at Bonnaroo, Belle and Sebastian invited Zach Galifianakis and me up to the stage during their set to toss gummy bears in each other’s mouths. Then Stuart got into the fun and demanded a catch as well,” Hamm recalls.

“It was dramatic, stupid, and done with style and grace,” Hamm writes. “I know I can speak for Zach when I say ‘I want to thank them for their inclusion of us into their show.’ I know the audience was simply confused, but we were absolutely delighted. Please enjoy this new album with a gummy bear of your choice, and think fondly of all of us.”

Check out the video for ‘Young and Stupid’ down below. A Bit of Previous is set for a May 6th release.