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(Credit: Artimio Blackburn)


Beach Bunny release new single 'Weeds'

Beach Bunny - 'Weeds'

With just a few days to go before the release of their sophomore album, Emotional Creature, American indie rockers Beach Bunny have dropped one final preview of the upcoming LP with the new single ‘Weeds’.

I’m not crazy about the modern strategy of releasing half of an album’s contents before the actual album just to see if anyone will notice. That’s exactly what Beach Bunny have done so far, with five of the twelve tracks on Emotional Creature already being available to stream. Of course, this is me complaining about having too much good music, so I’ll step off the soapbox while I’m ahead.

Anyway, ‘Weeds’ is a punchy and punky track that fits in perfectly within the band’s sound. It’s rare to hear a group be so confident in their own style on just their second album, but Beach Bunny have successfully embraced the early 2000s pop punk of Fall Out Boy and Paramore while updating those riffs for the modern day. You can hear traces of other bands, but Beach Bunny now officially sound like Beach Bunny without any caveats or asterisks.

Not to give away too much, considering how we’ll have a review of it on Friday, but Emotional Creature is pretty damn good. A potent mix of pop, punk, indie rock, and whatever the hell else they want to play, Beach Bunny have delivered on all the promises that they originally made on their 2020 debut Honeymoon.

Even better, the video for ‘Weeds’ continues the Star Wars-inspired saga that began in the video for ‘Karaoke’. Anytime a weird blue alien/human creature with glowing white eyes shows up in a music video, you can bet that I’m down for whatever weirdness unfolds to get us there in the first place.

Check out the video for ‘Weeds’ down below. Emotional Creature is set for a July 22nd release.