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(Credit: Artimio Blackburn)


Beach Bunny announce new album 'Emotional Creature'

Beach Bunny - 'Fire Escape'

American rockers Beach Bunny have returned to announce their second full-length LP, Emotional Creature.

Along with the album announcement, the band has also released a brand new single, the upbeat and fuzzy ‘Fire Escape’. Bringing in the best elements of the band’s guitar rock ethos with anthemic pop melodies, the track is a summer banger just waiting for the warm weather to pick up.

“We are always changing, growing, and adapting – it’s a deeply ingrained part of the human experience,” lead singer Lili Trifilio explains about the new track. “We strive to be stronger, trust we’ll grow smarter, and spend most of our lives reaching for comfort and happiness.”

“Sometimes, life is stagnant, sometimes, life is difficult – but the wonderful part of being human is that we evolve and make the bleak moments beautiful – we find new ways to survive,” Trifilio continues. “Humans are emotional creatures and I wanted to capture that with this album in order to show how complex, sometimes tragic, and mostly wonderful the human experience can be.”

The more cynical among us will find issues with Beach Bunny and their judicious plundering of the late 1990s/early 2000s-era pop rock. To those people, I say this: lighten up. Artists like Beabadoobee get pegged with the same criticism, but just because their influences come from that era doesn’t mean that they’re simply copy-and-pasting those sounds and calling it a day.

Beach Bunny are creating some of the most joyous and straight-up fun songs in modern rock, with ‘Fire Escape’ being no exception. If you want to trace it back to Liz Phair or Motion City Soundtrack (whose producer, Sean O’Keefe, also produced ‘Fire Escape’), then fine, go ahead. Those artists made great records, and Beach Bunny already has one awesome record with 2020’s Honeymoon. It’s time for the rest of the music-loving world to hop aboard the Beach Bunny train.

Check out the audio for ‘Fire Escape’ down below. Emotional Creatures is set for a July 22nd release.