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(Credit: Zyllan)


Dave Gahan sings PJ Harvey's song 'The Desperate Kingdom of Love' on Jimmy Fallon

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers appeared on the American chat show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote their new work. The band released their covers album in 2021, a record they completed in collaboration. The band put their own spin on standards written by Neil Young, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and others. They performed a PJ Harvey favourite on Fallon’s show.

Gahan took inspiration from Johnny Cash, feeling that a covers album can still hold personality and flavour, making it unique to the artist in question. “Johnny Cash’s album was one where I wasn’t listening to the originals at all,” Gahan told NME. “His version of [Nine Inch Nails’] ‘Hurt’, for instance, just blew me away, and it still does. I’ve heard stories from people who worked on the record that he had absolutely no clue who the original artist was whatsoever!”

Gahan compared Rich Machin to Cash producer Rick Rubin. Where Rubin could gather a collection of musicians together to breathe new life into the standards Cash was singing, Machin was also able to bring out new shadings from the Depeche Mode frontman. Gahan was particularly inspired by the work that made up American IV: The Man Comes Around. Gahan’s approach to recording was to imbue with his own sense of truth and perspective, breathing new life into material that has added padding and territory.

In other Depeche Mode related news, the band have put their lyrics into a book printed and issued by Teenage Cancer Trust. The book will be co-produced by Pete McKee. The book will also feature handwritten lyrics from Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Amy MacDonald, Suede, Courteeners, The Cure and many other artists. The book will feature a rendition of Johnny Marr’s ‘New Town Velocity’, and Kasabian’s thumping, stadium tinted ‘Fire’.

The book will also contain lyrics from cancer survivor Holly Wellington, who was personally helped by the Teenage Cancer Trust. Her song, ‘Empty Words’, detailed her experiences with cancer, and the artist wrote the foreword to the book in question. The impending concerts will be the first in three years, as the 2020 edition was delayed due to a national Lockdown caused by the pandemic.