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Zack de la Rocha continues Rage Against the Machine tour despite injury

It took two years for a reunited Rage Against the Machine to finally make it back onto the stage. After numerous roadblocks stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, America’s favourite rap-rock foursome returned with a bang for their first live performance in over a decade last Saturday night.

Then, on just the second show of the tour that took literal years to start, vocalist Zack de la Rocha appeared to injure his leg during the fourth song of the band’s set. During Rage’s performance of ‘Bullet in the Head’ during their Chicago show last night, de la Rocha appeared to have tweaked something in his leg and had to sit down on a stage monitor.

After a brief pause, de la Rocha opted to continue the show while sitting down. He addressed the crowd before the band leapt into the Battle of Los Angeles single ‘Testify’ to tell them about his injury and defiantly proclaim that the band wasn’t going to stop playing.

“I don’t know what happened to my leg right now, straight up,” de la Rocha told the crowd. “But you know what? We’re going to keep this fucking shit going. If I could crawl across this stage, I’m going to play for y’all tonight! We came too fucking far! You guys ready? Let’s go.”

As a performer, de la Rocha is known for his high energy, including leaps and jumps that make him one of the most magnetic frontmen in rock. His mixture of singing, rapping, and screaming seems to reach its height when de la Rocha puts his full body into it, but judging by the fan videos that have come out of the Chicago show, it doesn’t appear as though the singer’s fury and attack are at all diminished when his mobility is compromised.

There have been no official words from the Rage Against the Machine camp regarding de la Rocha’s injury as of yet. No shows have been postponed or cancelled, and the band are set to play their second show in Chicago tonight. We’ll see how de la Rocha is doing once the show begins.

Check out a fan video of de la Rocha being carried off the stage after the first Chicago concert down below.