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Your New Favourite Band: The Yetis


As you know, we have been avid followers of the Allentown, PA band The Yetis for a while now. We featured them across our Unsigned Sunday Selections, we named them as one of the 5 best Unsigned bands in the world right now and we even said they were better than Justin Bieber. Accolades, or what!?

So when the quartet came to us with another warm slice of west coast Americana all the way from the East Coast, it was hard to not force it in to your ears. ‘Where You Goin’ is a sharp-witted, silver tongued piece of gently nuanced pop. Streaming with charm and subtlety whilst still withholding enough force to knock over your grandmother and speaks very loudly of band with incredible maturity.

But like their counterparts Twin Peaks, The Districts and The Orwells there is something that feels fresh, vibrant and exclusive in its inclusiveness. They feel like a group of bands fighting the boredom of suburban America and they are all in the fox-hole together, their dysfunction is entirely endearing.

The songs: ‘Surfer Girl’, a previous release is a hit from a bygone era, re-imagined with a modern freshness and zing. ‘Warm California’ is close to being my favourite single of last year while ‘Mysterion’ just adds further cement to this steadfast band.

Their roots are sunk in to the earthly genre of pop, there’s no denying it. The Beach Boys sensibilities run throughout the band’s every sinew abut those sinews wrap around The Yetis’ under-used beef to deliver one hell of a punch.

I don’t want to overstate the band, relatively speaking they’re still in their infancy. But their grasp of not just a decent lick or clever lyric, but of the whole package and how to transform said package in to a tune that every age/genre/stereotype can connect with, is something really special.

The Yetis have that Midas touch and could herald in a new golden age of pop music.