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(Credit: The Yetis)


The Yetis: Remember how pop used to taste?

The Yetis are one of those unsigned artists which make you want to pull your own eyes out. Their candid pop-songs dripping with 1960s surf nuance scream for further publication. But while incessant artists like Miley Syphilis Cyrus and Carly Puke Jepsen still run the airwaves, the quality of this band continues to be overlooked.

Well, we won’t have it. ‘Mysterion’ is the new release from the band. Following on from their brilliant first release ‘Surfer Girl’ and ‘Warm California’ the East Coast quartet shake the shackles of the cold and employ their Beach Boys style to another hazy pop track.

‘Mysterion’ is all sunshine kisses and long gazing, shimmying and flirting it’s a pearler of a track and is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Lonely Tandem Ride’. The content may seem over-used or even in-keeping with the sugar coated crescendos one hears from the aforementioned Cyrus and Jepsen. But that would be so wrong.

Pop has quickly become a dirty word not because of the candy floss lyrics but because of the lack of sentiment in each track beyond a pay cheque that waits at the end.

Bieber and his pals have made sure to destroy the good name of Pop that The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones to name a few, tried so hard to push in to the populous’ conscience and they’ve done it with a swoop of promotional hair products and hazardous, capitalist gains.

The Yetis are Pop, but they are good ol’ fashioned Pop. Like a lemonade stall at the end of your road. Handmade, expertly cultured and quenching our Pop thirst. Without the dirty chemicals.

Jack Whatley