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(Credit: Sebastian Ervi)


The Yetis - Warm California

It’s a bleary eyed beauty of a Sunday, the sun is rising on the horizon, the blue sky calm is keeping back thoughts of bitter grey Mondays while Far Out brings you another slice of pure, unbridled Beach Boys pop in the form of The Yetis and their song ‘Warm California’ which on a day like today has to be our Unsigned Sunday selection.

Coming from the East Coast hub of Philadelphia there is a sunny disposition built within the band as they toy with retrospective gaze into the sweet age of mini-dresses and surfing with all your friends; a simpler time, a sunnier time – the 60’s. But they do it with such an authenticity that it isn’t hard to see why The Yetis are so highly regarded on both sides of the pond.

Their splicing of modern influences with the 60’s pop sensibilities which run through each song make this a beautifully balanced morsel of west coast living. Sounding like a Weezer/Beach Boys sandwich, there’s plenty to whet your appetite.

This has to be the perfect Sunday song to melt away the Monday blues, it has all the bounce and bubbling energy of a waterfall finally seeing its ocean home. The promise of clear skies and beckoning waves make ‘Warm California’ the best way to spend you day.

Jack Whatley