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(Credit: James Brown)


Yard Act and MIND share new poem for Mental Health Awareness Week


In collaboration with mental health charity MIND, Yard Act have shared a new poem for Mental Health Awareness Week. Frontman James Smith posted the poem on social media, revealing that he worked closely with a young woman called Mel who suffers from an eating disorder to put it together.

Opening up about working with Mel, Smith said: “When we first met on zoom, I instantly clicked with her. Myself and Mel talked for an hour or so about her life and the condition she lives with. We shared similar views on a lot of things and I found her to be an incredibly grounded, intelligent and astute young person, who genuinely gave me hope for the future.”

He continued: “I took great care when writing this [poem] to do justice to Mel’s story. She had a great ‘no holds barred’ approach to talking about bulimia and what she has to go through each day living with her eating disorder. Her belief, in her own words was ‘if you’re going to talk about, talk about it.'”

Smith has shared the original text version of the poem on Youtube. Apparently, the first draft of the poem was tweaked because it was “deemed too triggering by MIND to be broadcast publicly.”

In response, Smith said: “Whilst myself and Mel were disappointed by the last-minute tweaks, I completely understand the complexity and sensitivity around the subject and respect that decision had to be made.” You can read the original poem below. However, it may prove triggering for individuals suffering from eating disorders.”

See the poem, below.

This is Mel’s story

Don’t assume that the life someone’s living
Is a given, due to the smile on their face.
You don’t know what goes on in my head
When I’m alone in this place.

When mum and dad are out
And all other distractions are exhausted
That’s when the thoughts in my head roar,
Until I can’t ignore those thoughts anymore
So I binge and I purge til my throat gets so sore

These patterns are collateral for all that you stole
That’s why I keep coming back to the toilet bowl
The cycle, it gives me a sense of control

And I’ve a good life too
Yungblud tickets and a cat called Blue
A job helping others, a family that loves us
I’ve got so much going my way, so why?

Well, you never really know what’s going on
in someone else’s head do you?
So if you can’t understand, then don’t “just assume”