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Yard Act and Hookworms members form new band 'Holodrum'

Holodrum have announced the release date for their debut album. The synth-heavy disco-inspired pop group were formed last year by members of Yorkshire bands Yard Act and Hookworms as well as a number of other bands.

In a recent announcement, the band have confirmed that the new self-titled album can be expected to be released on February 25th through Gringo Records and Dinked Editions. 

Yesterday, January 11th, Holodrum previewed the album with the release of the new single ‘Free Advice’. 

Singer Emily Garner has described the track: “[It] expresses the state of feeling invincible in the face of adversity and acts quite explicitly as a piece of good advice, applicable to anyone that’s gone out of their way just to harsh your vibe”.

The song certainly has a feeling of invincibility as it revives the disco sounds of the 1970s and marries them with an early ’80s new-wave influence courtesy of the percussion and vocals. Sam Shjipstone one of the guitarists and vocalists for the new group commented: “I think Holodrum is about the joy and complexity of living, and I just hope to god everyone gets to have a good time doing it.”

The premise of musicians from multiple and in most cases, quite different musical backgrounds brings excitement as to what one might expect from the rest of the record in February. 

With so many chefs, one may worry about the broth being spoiled, however, drummer Jonathan Nash explained: “[Our] process is really democratic, everyone is free to add, take away, re-record, remix and openly discuss anything they want until we come to a conclusion. We work to the grid, which means disciplined rhythms with a wealth of textured, arpeggiated synths and intricate percussion woven into the foundations…It’s man and machine working in harmony.”

Listen to the track below.