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(Credit: Helen Whitaker)


Wunderhorse stretches his songwriting wings in new single ‘17’


Former Dead Pretties frontman Jacob Slater released his new single entitled ‘17’ under his solo alias Wunderhorse

After the recent releases of ‘Teal and ‘Poppy’ this new single shows Slater reaching a new high with a powerful song with considered and poetic lyrics overlying beautifully placed electric guitar instrumentals reminiscent of Crazy Horse era Neil Young

The song is an old composition that he wrote when he was just 17, hence the name, and he explained that the words “just kind of fell out” of him. “I remember coming back from a party and feeling a bit shit and the song just kind of fell out,” he said of the track. “It’s the oldest song I still play live and so I thought it deserved to get out there.”

“In Punch and Judy make-up/ As we dance along the blade/ All of life is a butcher’s knife/ Puppets on a stage,” Slater sings, in his low voiced moody deliverance that appears to entice the listener toward a profound subtext.

He then reverts to the track’s chorus: “Don’t go/ Don’t leave me here/ Where it feels like I’m dying/ That feeling of fear/ Don’t go/ Hold me in your palm/ Where I don’t feel like crying/ I can’t taste no tears.”

Slater appears to be making moves toward stardom in other realms too as he sets up to star as Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook in Danny Boyle’s forthcoming biopic series, PISTOL, which is due to arrive on Disney+ this spring.

The new single ‘17’ teases of great things to come from Jacob Slater and I for one am certainly excited to hear the new material that will grace our ears on his next album whenever it may come. His music is a breath of fresh air in an age where it seems that true creativity in songwriting is becoming scarcer in popular music.

Listen to the fantastic new track ‘17’ below.