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Speedy Wunderground collaborate with Peluché and release ‘The Guy With the Gammy Eye’


Speedy Wunderground release their thirteenth single, ‘The Guy With the Gammy Eye’ by south-Londeners Peluché, in August but you lucky lot get it as Far Out’s Track of the Day today. 

You’ll know by now we’ve triumphed this funky trio of Peluché some time, sharing previous singles ‘Ohio’ and ‘Sin’ over recent months and their recent with Speedy Wunderground has got us all excited.

Renowned for its studio-to-pressing-plant fleetness, three-piece Peluché have achieved something of a feat by becoming arguably the ‘quickest’ ever Speedy Wunderground release.

In less than a week the label had received the track, caught the band’s eccentric live show, recorded the single in one day Dan Carey’s south-London HQ.